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This page contains information about health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits, PERACARE for retirees, and COBRA insurance continuation options for former employees. Please scroll down the page to view the various information.

Pueblo City Schools offers a variety of insurance options, including health, dental, vision and life and accidental death/dismemberment insurance. Please review the options we offer and decide what best meets your needs. You have the option to select health, dental, vision or health only or vision and dental only.

The following groups of contracted employees are eligible for insurance benefits, including up to $420 per month contribution from the board of education towards premiums:

PEA: Teachers; PASE: administrators; ACME: (full-time custodians, maintenance, transportation, warehouse); PPEA: para-professionals; PESPA: secretaries and preschool; executive assistants; school safety officers; document services workers; technology staff; contracted food service workers; and Schedule A, B, and C employees.

Hourly food service and Educational Assistants are benefit eligible but must pay for the full cost of insurance premiums if the employee wishes to purchase them.

For more information, please contact Corrine Arriaga, Benefits Manager, at (719) 549-7132.

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For information on health, dental, vision, and other insurance benefits, please click on the link below:

Pueblo City Schools Employee Benefits at a Glance

 For additional information, please call Corrine Arriaga at (719) 549-7132.


For employees who are about to retire, the open enrollment period each year for PERACARE, the State Retirement Plans' health insurance program, is October 1 through November 15 for January 1 effective coverage. If you do not sign up within the first 30 days of your retirement date, you must wait until the annual open enrollment period to join PERACARE.

For questions about PERACARE, please visit PERA's website, and using the site's Search feature, search for "PERACARE."


In 1985, Congress passed the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) that created the law that requires employers to offer former employees to continue with health insurance benefits for up to 18 months following termination, layoff, resignation or retirement.

COBRA benefits are available at the former employee's full cost plus a 2% administration fee. Pueblo City Schools uses Infinisource, a third party administrator, to facilitate compliance with COBRA notifications and collection of premium payments for Anthem, Delta Dental, and VSP Vision insurances.